Gas Department

gaswellMany people are unaware of how the Town of Simmesport provides its natural gas to customers. Unlike the water, Simmesport does not have its own natural gas wells. The town buys the natural gas from a supplier and sells it to customers. Because of this, Simmesport does not control the prices. Much like the gasoline you put in your cars, natural gas is a commodity that is bought and traded on national exchanges. Supply and demand determine the price. The town books the gas prices once a year and this locks in the price for that year. This way prices don’t swing up and down like at the gasoline station. Since the Town of Simmesport has to but the gas from someone else, when people do not pay their gas bills, the town loses money.


Natural gas is an important commodity for our heating and cooking needs. Mr. Josh Horton and Dana Smith, along with assistance from Mr. Kevin Gates, maintain Simmesport’s gas lines and meters. Gas can be dangerous in certain situations so if you think you have a leak from your meter or a line underground, please call the Town Hall and let us know.

Natural_gas_pipelines_mapThe U.S. Department of Transportation regulates all gas pipeline systems throughout the United States. The  town is required to post a public awareness notice on each gas bill. If you look on the back of your bill this notice will tell you what to do and who to call should you have a gas leak or suspect one. You can read the full notice here…

Public Awareness Notice UPDATED NOVEMBER 2020

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