At the May 14, 2018 meeting of the Simmesport Town Council several proposed ordinances were introduced. There has to be a 30-day period set aside for public comment before the ordinances can be adopted. Listed below are the proposed ordinances. If have a comment about any or all of them, please feel free to send us an e-mail. There will also be a public hearing on Monday, June 11, 2018 at 5:30 PM for public comments about the ordinances.

General Penalty Ordinance 05-2018-01

Blighted Property Ordinance 05-2018-02

Trailer Ordinance 05-2018-03

Trailer Park Ordinance 05-2018-04

Condemnation of Buildings Ordinance 05-2018-05

Horse Ordinance 05-2018-06

We hope to eventually publish all the Simmesport Town Ordinances here so that the public and view or print them.

Mobile Home Ordinance

Trailer Ordinance

Trailer Park Ordinance

Trailer Park Ordinance

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